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These pages were designed and created by Bruce (BullldogBM) Miline, Reno Nevada.
Thank you Bruce for being a friend, and adding your assistance to my Web Site.

I am a Disabled Veteran Due to Agent Orange & Herbicidal spraying in RVN
I have Acute Peripheral Neuropathy, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD),
and High Levels of Arsenic in my blood and urine (believed to be from Agent Blue sprayed in III Corp).
However the Veterans Administration will not confirm "AO" (Agent Orange) and
will only compensate me for PTSD. Even with confirmation from my civilian doctor! OK, so I have to DIE first! DA!
So what else is new?
I fought one WAR, why not another one?
This time with the Veterans Administration and their decision makers!
The doctors at the VA can't even believe that they, the "Decision Makers of the VA", don't brake loose with more disability for all of us with Agent Orange poisoning!
The Horror stories are all over on the Web sites of Vietnam Veterans.

Just browse a few and see!
It is a shame the way that Veterans are treated
We, as Vietnam Veterans just went to do a job, just like our forefathers did
We DID NOT run to Canada or to some obscure land to hide from the draft or
the duty before us.

We served with Honor and Pride for our country!

We do not respect those who did turn and run, those who burned their draft
cards and our flag, those who protested against us, and those who cursed and
spat upon us when we returned, Dead or Alive!

If you are one of these you are NOT welcome at this site.
Please leave and never return.


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